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ElutiGlass is the first of its kind that combines the antifibrotic action of MMC and 5 FU released in small but sustained quantities and in sequence on exposure to aqueous humor. It is made of a biodegradable polymer (PLGA) that is cast using a specially to create a breath figure with the MMC suspended on the surface and 5 FU within the body of the device.  This device is placed into the operative site at the time of surgery ( on surface of GDD plate ; adjacent to the trabeculectomy scleral flap). On contact with aqueous humor, MMC will be released in the first 24 hour followed by 5 FU over the next 23-30 days in a slow and sustained format.  The drugs are designed to be released to time the migration  of fibroblasts at the surgery site thus killing these cells on contact and preventing (or decreasing) post operative fibrosis. This decreased fibrosis may mean improved IOP control that is long lasting.  Following the release of the drugs, the polymer itself will disappear completely via bio absorption. 
The main functions of ElutiGlass are 1. Anti fibrosis 2. Decrease postoperative fibrosis 3. Minimize post operative complications (prevent thin cystic bleb formation) 4. Bio absorption of the polymer following the release of the drugs without any side effects.  All of these targets have been proven to be true in the animal models.
Indications:  1. Trabeculectomy 2. Glaucoma drainage devices 3. Express shunt 4. Minimally invasive surgeries such as In focuss



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